Behrends Group Utilizes Ekota’s Expertise to Improve IT Services

Edmonton IT ServicesSince 1952, Behrends Group has been providing foundry-based architectural services to its customers from its headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. The company boasts a design and sales office in addition to a manufacturing facility, giving them unique needs and demands that make their IT requirements more complex than some other companies. Brent Tatarin was directly involved in making sure that Behrends Group obtained the IT services it needed from a company that would provide a good fit for both their current needs and well into the future.

Local Company Benefits From Local Edmonton IT Services

Brent did his due diligence and researched four companies, including Ekota. In the end, Behrends Group chose Ekota due to the value they offered and the quality of service. Each of the technicians is known to Behrends Group by name. When someone from Behrends Group calls Ekota, they know that they are speaking with someone locally. Their calls aren’t being routed to a call center out of the country. This gives Ekota an intimate knowledge of both Behrends Group’s needs and its IT setup.

Ekota Provides Legacy Services

Each of the companies that Brent researched were based in Edmonton, but only Ekota understands the complexity of their custom-built software and their complicated needs. Because Behrends Group uses a custom-built software that is specific to sign companies, it takes a very targeted knowledge base to work within it. This legacy software was written by one of the previous owners of Behrends Group. Currently, that programmer’s son is now also a programmer with the company as well. The ability to maintain that legacy relationship is very important to Behrends Group. There is also a great deal of hardware that is part of their IT needs as well.

Behrends Group needs an IT company that can be on site within just a short amount of time in order to minimize downtime. Being that the sign industry is extremely competitive, Behrends Group utilizes different strategies to set itself apart from others. One of the ways they do so is with their front-end design capabilities. This ability to offer designs is related directly to the software and technology that Behrends Group has in place. This underscores exactly how vital their IT infrastructure is to the company’s success. As Brent put it, with offices also in Calgary and Toronto, “maintaining that bridge and everyone tied together to that database is crucial and anytime there is any instance of downtime, we are hit hard.” Ekota goes above and beyond to maintain that.

Since 2000, Ekota has been providing Edmonton businesses with the IT services they need to grow and meet their obligations. Contact Ekota today to see how we can help your Edmonton-based company do the same.