About Us

Ekota Central has been providing dependable IT services since April of 2000, focusing primarily on building a business based on relationships, not just services.

At the time, many were skeptical of this model, but here we are today, 16 years older, wiser, and entering an age where collaboration and partnership are everything, and we are ahead of the curve, as this is what we have always been about.

Who We Are

The word “Ekota” is a Cree word, meaning “special place”, or “place to be”. This was chosen to be our name because we feel it captures the very reason and soul of our company. To us, it means a place where our customers, vendors, staff, and community can develop their bond and association with us.

We are not about lengthy business contracts, with confusing clauses. We believe in upfront service agreements, with upfront pricing, and are committed to maintaining this practice. We want to keep you with us not because your contract stipulates you have to, but because our emphasis on providing competent services that are customer focused makes you want to.

We are very proud to be a company that is ethical and honest. We do not sell a solution to a client because of vendor rebates, we make our recommendations based on what works. We like to know we are an essential part of our customer’s success through leveraging their computers and technologies that we recommend, design, implement, and support. To be able to live up to our tagline “Your Peace of Mind IT Partner” is exciting and fulfilling. When you need it, IT works!

As important as where we come from, is where we are going. We are excited about continually bringing you the innovative solutions to meet your goals, and help us meet our goal, which is ensuring when you need your IT, your IT works!

Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is about relationships. We love working with Edmonton-based businesses, ranging anywhere from 1 to 300 Windows based desktops, and that sees technology not as an expense, but as an essential part of their business. We are always looking to work with businesses that are business to business, not just business to consumer.

How You Benefit

Our values in life and business equal a better customer service experience for you. We are big on integrity, only doing what is moral, honest, and legal. We believe in treating people fairly, and strive to only treat others how we would want to be treated. This carries over into the work we do, allowing us to be your peace of mind IT provider, because, “When you work, IT works”.

Why Ekota Central Is Different

So many IT providers are fixated on service level agreements, using them to bind clients into services they don’t need, or as excuses as to why they aren’t getting the experience they expected. We dislike this way of thinking and are all about customizable and flexible solutions that give you the tools and resources you need without paying for what you don’t.

We also spare you all of the buzzwords and technical jargon used to confuse the user, and make solutions appear more sophisticated and complex than they are. Computers are logical, and the solutions should be too. We make sure you understand what we are talking about by using plain english to explain things.

Ekota Central believes in staying focused on our true talents and passions, always working to meet the ever-changing needs of the client and the technology industry. We listen carefully, and value your input and feedback, using it to direct the path of our future.

IT services don’t have to be limiting and complex. For solutions that make a difference, and services that are flexible to your individual needs contact {company} at {phone} or {email}