Managed IT Services

Dependable IT services are crucial in order to achieve maximum productivity, overcome obstacles, and reach your goals.

Businesses need technology to be able to effectively communicate, protect valuable information and resources, and operate at full potential. By aligning yourself with Ekota Central, for all of the right technology services and solutions you can ensure your technology is always working at it’s best for you.

Technology glitches, human error, equipment failure, cyber attack, and natural disaster can all halt workflow, meaning productivity stops, which can be costly and damaging to a business’s reputation. It can be costly and time-consuming, but not if entrusted to skilled professionals. Ekota Central provides a comprehensive set of completely managed services to take the worry and burden of technology off of you, so you can focus on more important things.

For industry-leading, individualized services to meet all of your technology needs contact Ekota Central at (780) 421_-7373 or, and learn how our experienced team can help!

You are able to get the services and solutions you need to positively impact your bottom line when aligning yourself with Ekota Central, thanks to our fully managed solutions. You benefit from our IT managed services offerings with:

  • Proactive Maintenance: we are here to do more than just fix what’s broken. We believe proactive maintenance is what sets us apart because we work hard to identify and resolve potential threats and issues before they ever become a problem.
  • Business Continuity: keeping workflow moving is what matters to you, and us. We provide business continuity solutions that ensure you are never left without access to your important data and resources.
  • Microsoft Office 365: we help you leverage the newest Microsoft suite to enhance collaboration, improve communication and streamline practices.
  • Dependable Backup: despite best efforts, sometimes you will be faced with a potential information loss or theft. Our backup plans ensure your data is easily recoverable, and business can resume quickly.
  • Complete Support: we don’t just give you the technology and disappear. Our fully managed service offerings come complete with reliable support to answer your questions or address your issues in a fast and effective manner.

To learn more about our customizable managed services offerings, reach out to Ekota Central by calling (780) 421_-7373 or sending an email to