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Applied Industrial Technologies, LP provides maintenance and manufacturing operations for businesses within nearly every industry – and has been doing so for more than 60 years. Over that time frame, they’ve seen many technological changes come about and have become an environment with a fully-integrated IT presence. Today, Applied Industrial Technologies is a conglomerate with reach into a number of industries that fuel the lives of every day Canadians. They rely on their IT services to provide them with quick and seamless solutions so that their operations continue to run smoothly. Ekota is the answer to their IT growing pains.

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Growth Fuels Change

Also during that time period, Applied Industrial Technologies used a local company to provide their IT services. It was from this company that Applied Industrial Technologies obtained their first server. As Applied Industrial Technologies continued its rapid growth, it soon became evident that its servers were not able to keep up with the demands being placed on it. The company’s IT company at the time was not equipped to handle a business that was growing and as large as Applied Industrial Technologies. They entered into talks with Ekota, but nothing was on paper and a decision hadn’t been made. Within just a day or two of that initial meeting, Ryan, their IT manager, and others on the project team dedicated to finding a new IT company, were pleased by what they heard from Ekota.

An Emergency Prompts Quick Action

Then their server went down and wouldn’t come back up. Ekota was contacted and signed on that day as the company’s new IT service provider. The other IT company was fired. Using backup parts that Ekota had on hand, their technicians worked around the clock to get Applied Industrial Technologies back up. Ultimately, the company was only down for 48 hours – an unheard-of amount of time considering that their backups were corrupt. Ryan noted that without the help and expertise of Ekota, Applied Industrial Technologies could easily have been down for weeks. In fact, he said that Ekota, “literally worked day and night to get these things programmed up and in place to get us up and running.” Ryan noted that though the initial investment was large, it was well worth it in terms of both stability and no loss of productivity. In fact, since its implementation, Applied Industrial Technologies has had no IT issues whatsoever.

Ekota Central specializes in providing growing companies like Applied Industrial Technologies with the peace of mind they need to meet their needs and obligations today – and long into the future.