Protecting Your Small Business From a Cyber Attack

Cyber Security in AlbertaCybercrime is an ever-present threat to businesses like yours. Given that most customer data is now collected and stored in a digital format, modern businesses have to step up their cyber security measures accordingly. Without up-to-date and varied security measures, malware and successful hacks can compromise your clients’ and employees’ sensitive data and harm your systems, resulting in costly downtime and liability.

Make no mistake: you are a target.

If you think that your business won’t attract hackers, think again. Cybercriminals target smaller businesses every single day because of their apparent lack of IT security measures. Small to medium-sized businesses like yours need to think past the size of their organization and realize that everyone is at risk for cyber-attacks. Without the right tools and technology to prevent hackers from stealing your information, your business is left prone to a major data breach.

Despite this heightened vigilance, many businesses are still convinced that they are either too small, or too unknown to catch the attention of hackers – let’s look at the numbers.

As a part of the Canada Cyber Security Survey of IT leaders, Deloitte found that:

  • Only 28 percent of organizations actively log, monitor and consume threat intelligence
  • Just half have a defined cyber resiliency and recovery process
  • While 60 percent of respondents said that they had not experienced a cyberattack in the last 24 months, 90 percent of that group felt protected

These kinds of attacks aren’t limited to more populated areas like in Ontario, or the United States either. Just last year, the River Tree Casino in Enoch, the University of Calgary, and the Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17 outside Fort McMurray were all victims of cybercrime.

This is why a trusted partner in IT support can be so helpful. By having an expert team of IT security professionals assess your network and manage its many aspects, you can ensure that your technology is secure, without having to see to it yourself.

As Ekota Central’s Chief Technology Officer Jae Steen told Alberta Venture, effective security is all about educating yourself.

“[It starts with] understanding the difference between a good password and a bad password, understanding why ‘scrappy01’ is a bad password,” said Steen. “Understanding how you access things and how they can be dangerous, like unsecured Wi-Fi points.”

The Ekota Central team of IT security experts understands that many businesses like yours are often unknowingly operating on outdated security models. Our team will assess your entire environment to identify any opportunities for improvement so that you can enjoy a genuine peace of mind when it comes to protecting your customers’ sensitive information.

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