Hackers Shortcut Microsoft Office 365 Security

Hackers Discover New Way to Bypass Microsoft’s Office 365 Security Protocols Hackers have discovered an innovative method of getting those malicious URLs in their emails past Office 365’s security protocols. This was first revealed by Avanan, a company that deals in internet security. Avanan says that cybercriminals are now using a tag in the HTML […]

The Ransomware Threat Is Growing and Here Are the Reasons Why

One of the biggest problems facing American businesses today is Ransomware. In fact, it is becoming a global threat. In 2017, a ransomware attack was launched every 40 seconds and that number has grown exponentially in 2018. What are the main reasons for this type of escalation? Why can’t law enforcement or IT experts stop […]

The Business Owner’s Guide to Office 365

Microsoft is considered a key leader in the enterprise software industry. Every year or so, Microsoft releases new products and services and makes updates to their existing software to keep up with the needs of their business users all around the world. Out of all of the products and service offered by Microsoft, Office 365 […]

Telus Rolling Out $1 Billion Fibre Optic Network Across Vancouver

Vancouver British Columbia is about to experience its largest technology boom in many years. Telus Corporation, a national telecommunications provider, has announced that they will soon be rolling out a one billion dollar fibre optic network. The network will include internet access, voice, video, live streaming, healthcare, and many other entertainment venues. The TELUS PureFibre […]

Apple’s New iOS12 Will Include Screen Time, A Tool to Monitor Your Kids Time Spent Online

Coming in the fall of 2018, Apple has announced the release of iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads. The new operating system has been designed to greatly improve the user experience. It will be faster and more responsive than the older versions. It includes a number of helpful apps that will make life easier and more […]

What Are Code Signing SSL Certificates and Why Use Them?

The concept of Code Signing SSL Certificates includes protecting users against phony software and assuring that the software is not infected with a virus. Most reputable companies require this certificate before accepting a product and using it. In today’s world, it’s the safest method of guaranteeing that software has not been altered or compromised. Types of […]

Microsoft Office 365 Service Trust Portal: What It Is and How It Works

Data protection and compliance is a major concern for organizations worldwide. With the introduction of the Service Trust Portal, organizations working to support or protect the privacy rights of individuals in Microsoft’s online environment can now rest easy. Defining the Service Trust Portal This is a one-stop shop for security, regulatory compliance, and privacy information […]

The Facts About GDPR Compliance

Tune into our complimentary GDPR training online. Watch our GDPR Training Video here. The rise of cybercrime has led to the increasing need for protecting data from these criminals. Countries all over the world are working incessantly towards finding a lasting solution to cybercrime. In this regard, the EU has enacted a new directive, the […]

Why Nonprofit Organizations Should Invest in Microsoft Office 365

Not-for-profit organizations frequently contend with the lack of time and money needed to afford large IT investments that are critical for achieving efficiency in their operations. The few organizations that somehow manage to afford these technologies constantly have to deal with scarce resources and manpower needed to manage the technology. There is another glaring problem […]

Are Parents Being Good Role Models for Children When It Comes to Technology?

Everyone likes technology, right? It’s amazing what you can do and find out about the use of technology. However, technology itself is addictive and parents are not an exception. Today, most parents pay more attention to their computer or phone screen than they do to their children. Even busy parents stay on social media too […]